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WhatsApp Phone: 406-850-5811

We enjoy working with our sellers. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us anything. We are always willing to work with you. Communication is key!

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  • Mountain Home Prep Ship reserves the right to hold inventory for any unpaid invoices. 

  • Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receiving. 

  • If invoice is not paid upon receipt, 10% late fee will apply after 24hrs. After that, every 48hrs late fee will double.

  • If minimum (400 units/month) is not met, a fee based on the difference may be invoiced on the 1st of the next calendar month. This invoice will follow the invoice policy, due within 24 hours. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of account.

  • Monthly Storage Fees: Storage of all items is FREE for the first 30 Days then, $20/mo PER line item, thereafter.   ​  

  • If items sit for more than 2 months , items become property of Mountain Home Prep and Ship. Items will be disposed of or donated.

  • We do not disclose any of our clients information (including products you're selling and where they come from) to anyone

  • Clients are responsible for tracking their items to our warehouse. Mountain Home Prep and Ship is not reliable for lost packages in transit to our facility or Amazon facility. 

  • Account becomes inactive after 30 days without activity

  • No books, hazardous materials, or oversized items
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